Critiques of Entertaining Gambling Establishments

My Time at a “Fun Casino”

The primary goal of playing at offshore internet casinos is entertainment. It’s only natural to be pumped up while playing gambling games for real money and putting your money on the line to win. However, you should never forget that this is mostly a game for you. Having some extra cash on the side would be great, but it shouldn’t be your main priority. If you frame your experience in this way, you are more likely to enjoy it. To put things in perspective, a game of football with friends is quite similar to an evening spent gambling at a European online casino. If you only try to enjoy yourself, you won’t take anything away from the experience, no matter how well it goes.

At the Fun Casino, all bets are on fun. This casino, operated by L&L Europe Limited, made its debut in December 2017 and has been thriving ever since. The designers of Fun Casino clearly prioritized functionality over aesthetics while creating the casino’s website. These types of gambling establishments always get my approval. In my opinion, this type of casino is more trustworthy and legitimate than ones that put a premium on aesthetics. Actually, that generalization applies to just about everything in the universe, both sexes included.


It is common practice for Fun Casino to provide generous signup bonuses for players from most countries. I’ve also noticed that their bonuses are often voidable (or “non-sticky”). Because of this, wagering restrictions are not an issue until after you’ve lost your own money and received a bonus on your deposit. Keep in mind that the bonuses offered by online casinos may and do fluctuate over time and between different gaming jurisdictions, so take what I say below with a grain of salt. Always make sure to read the fine print before trying out any perks, just to be on the safe side.

Fun Casino is a standout among online gambling establishments thanks to its extensive library of slot machines, which is backed by a legitimate Malta license, and its generous bonus offerings. In a moment, I shall go into further detail on the slot machines.


Earlier in my Fun Casino summary, I said that the decor is lacking. The casino has an old-fashioned, rough-around-the-edges aesthetic that may put off some visitors. I felt like I was entering a new area I had heard about online and seeing that it had clearly seen better days. There is no flash or glamour, just plain, old-fashioned gambling.

Fun Casino has some of my favorite casino games.

Although there are likely over 500 games at Fun Casino, I was disappointed to find that searching for games was a chore. I’d be happy to use the filters and categories to find fresh openings, but there aren’t that many. You’ll have to either wade in headfirst, hoping to uncover something useful, or hunt for games you know exist.

You may already know that I use my casino reviews to highlight some of my own favorite games. Playing at Fun Casino, I decided to play the Copy Cats slot machine by NetEnt. This slot machine game has a pleasant kitty theme and is a lot of fun. The objective is to fill the first reel with furballs such that the subsequent reels contain identical symbols. This way, you won’t have to worry about hitting the same symbols in a row and instead may focus on accumulating as many cats as possible. All of them are priceless, right?

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